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Interior and Exterior Painting

Renovate your home and give the care needed with our exterior and interior painting. We make your home look beautiful with our expertise and care in every aspect it requires with a neat and seamless paint job.

Commercial Painting

We make the hard jobs look easy! No matter your business whether it be a restaurant, office building, store, or you name it we get it done! with perfection and precision delivering your expectations to the fullest.

House Painting

We give your apartment, condo, and home the look you desire. Let Jireh Painting LLC bring color into your life with our painting services. Admire the beauty of your home with our help.

Pressure Washer

Tired from your day-to-day basis and still coming home to see the grime in your outdoors? No need to worry we do the heavy cleaning for you. With pressure washing, we get the job done in no time and leave everything completely spotless!

Deck Stained

Give your outdoors that modern and beautiful look with our deck staining service. Adding that color revival that your floor needs! We are known for our perfection and we guarantee incredible results.

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